The Age of Social Products

The real change will happen when products aren't just connected, but social. Instead of the Internet of Things, we should be thinking about social products

What is a sanitary pad? Sanitary pad, which is also known as sanitary napkin or menstrual pad, is a thin pad made of absorbent material that absorbs the menstrual fluid during menstruation. Some sanitary pads are disposable and are meant for single use only. Most sanitary pads available in the market are disposable ones. Reusable sanitary pads are mostly cloth pads that can be washed, dried and reused over a number of times.

Sanitary pads come in different shapes and sizes, with different capacity to absorb for days of heavy and light menstrual bleeding. You will have to experiment with different kinds of sanitary pads to know which one best suits your needs.

  • Duration – 30 Hours
  • Minimum qualification – 8th pass
  • Program on hand- 9th class
  • You will become better organized, in your mind and in your life
  • You will learn that a healthy mind comes from a healthy body, and your physical as well as mental health will improve.
  • You will see that in your business life as well as your social life, having a good memory is extremely advantageous – for example: by being better able to remember names and faces; by being able to come up with answers that others may have to search notes for; by being able to increase your productivity because you are not always in a ‘brain fog’;
  • You will be able to relieve a lot of stress in your life caused by lack of memory and organization. Lowering your stress level actually improves your memory even more, as well as improving your health.
  • A better memory means you can grasp concepts and apply them to other situations, speeding up your learning. Your memory will begin to connect the dots between concepts and form web-like chains, increasing your understanding.
  • You will be more successful socially because you are able to sustain a conversation due to increased recall of events or trivia you have seen and heard on the news or in print. You will become a better-rounded person, able to rub elbows with others on the same intellectual level.

The list of advantages is endless, and the better your memory the better able you are to see opportunities and take advantage of them. You would be amazed at what you have missed, and kick yourself for not doing something earlier to increase your memory.